All This Stuff, All This Weekend and Beyond!

Ahoy there,

I'm going to be at the Alternative Press Fair tomorrow with my close compatriot James Parsons. It's being held at the Conway Hall in London, and starts today! I'm really looking forward to it and hope to see you there.

The fair is just one part of a larger festival that the most excellent Jimi Gherkin and Peter Lally (amongst other fine notables) have made happen. Included in the wider events of the fair is an exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints at various shops and pubs on Lambs Conduit Street. Some of my drawings are being shown at the Perseverance public house alongside the work of Hannah Eaton and EstherMcManus. The show has been curated by the noble Tanya Meditzky.

Here's a pick of my work in situ:

The whole festival looks like it'll be a winner so try and come along. I heard that the latest issue of the Comix Reader will be available. that alone should make the trip worthwhile! 

In other news, Out Of The Box, the exhibition of box art I mentioned in my last post opened last night! Sadly I was unable to make the private view but it looks to be even better than the first show in Brighton. If you're in London take the time to have a gander why don't yeh! (I'll have some photos of it soon...)