Comics and Conflicts

Hi there,

This coming Saturday I'll be at the Comics & Conflicts event at the Imperial War Museum. The event looks like it'll be a doozie; there's a conference on Friday 19th and loads of events on Saturday 20th.  I'll be on a panel with fellow travellers Sean Duffield and Ben Naylor at 2pm. Chaired by the great Alex Fitch we'll be talking about the anthology War: The Human Cost (published by Sean's Paper Tiger). And word has it that Francesca Cassavetti is going to bring along her mother who kept a diary during the war - Francesca created a beautiful comic based on this. Earlier in the day my old mucker David Blandy will be talking about his recent film 'Child of the Atom'.

Info from Alex Fitch at / ticktes at: (scroll down to find tickets for individual events)

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