Ahoy there,

Old news, new news, its all news to me!

My work is to featured in the up coming issue of Hive! Hurrah! It's a great anthology published by Jordan Shiveley (who as those that read the comics comics comments will know, once had an encounter with the modern marvel that is Vin Diesal!)

This issue looks to be a doozey, it'll showcase the work of that much lorded cartoonist Noah Van Sciver as well as that of my close compardres Lawrence Elwick and Saint Paul O'Connell the Patient (I owe him some work!) AND! And! It's available to pre-order now! Now, I say! Where? You say. Here, I say, here!

In other news those of you in France, in Angoleme, can buy my short and mini, mini comic, 'Jean-Pierre the Wolf Boy' from this vending machine:

This project is the brain child of Lisa Lugrin and Clément Xavier at Na Editions. The guys that publish the wonderful L'episode. If you're on the continent and know where to buy it and haven't already, go get it.

If you're in London go and seek out a copy of the Stool Pigeon. Its packed with good music journalism and a comics section that puts a lot of comics devoted publications to shame. I particularly liked Krent Able's strip this month. There's a review of it here with nice previews.

And finally, here's an old picture of me with some beautiful human types:

If you are lucky enough to know people as lovely as Lawrence, Paul and Sean, then you are lucky indeed.