Hello friends,

I hope you're finding time to enjoy this amazing weather, indeed I hope the weather where you are is as amazing as here in Brighton, sunny Brighton you might say. Sadly I'm locked into deadline hell, so for the past three weeks and for the next ten days, I'll be doing nuthin' 'cept drawin'.

But at the end of this work imposed life amongst the shadows I look forward to stepping out, blinking into the bright sunlight. My only fear is that my white, white skin might dazzle drivers on the busy road by my house and cause chaos and death as yet unknown on British highways.

I thought I'd post a page from the publication I've been working so hard on. This comic is being produced as part of my residency for the Islington Exhibits festival at the end of this month. For a while now I've been working at a housing project called St Martins in London. St Martins is a provides care for people who are diagnosed with serious mental illness. During my time there I've been keeping a diary in my sketch book, an edited version of this will be published and distributed for free on the 26th of this month from 4pm outside Highbury and Islington tube station.

I'll also take this opportunity to let know that the lovely folk over at Avoid the Future have see fit to review my comic, Pneuma. Here's a link:

And my strip 'Green Fireball' has been included in L'episode 2. In my humble opinion L'episode 1 was one of the most exciting anthologies I've read in a long time, number two is just as good. The book is published by Lisa Lugrin and Clement Xavier at NA in France. I'm unsure if it can be purchased online, I'll find out and let you know.