Toot Toot

Hi there,

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I was excited to find that along with my friends Richard Cowdry, Peter Lally and Jimi Gerkin, I got a very kind review from Martin & Judith at the ‘Avoid The Future’ blog:

They brought one of the very last copies of a comic I made in 2005 called ‘10am’. It’s a work I produced about a month after deciding that my future, for good or bad was to be read in pictures and words and bound with staples. At the time I was working at a cafe called the Mock Turtle Teashop. I was charged with washing up and KP-ing.

On quiet moments in the pot-wash I'd make sketches and notes about the customers. The cafe was staffed by an amazing collection of people and the owners worked hard to generate a family feeling amongst us. It was a really lovely thing to be a part of, and although I often resented having to get up early and the repetitive nature of the work, looking back I can see I was a small part of a very special place.

Here's the first page of the comic I made in homage to it: