Out With The Old (I say)!

Hello there and a very happy new year to you,

I hope that you had a fine festive season with merry making and the acquisition of a few more inches around the waist.
Here's to 2009! I found it to be a good year. It was the year in which I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world, made a brief appearance on a reality TV show, and continued to teach and draw and make things. If '09 was shitty for you, you have my condolences, don't worry I'm sure 2010 will be sterling and 2009 is dead and buried anyway!

Keeping with tradition I thought I'd begin this year by casting out the old in order that the new will find a roomy and spacious home here. To this end I've posted a selection of work I made when I considered myself to be a sculptor and installation artist (in fact I'm not sure I did ever think of myself in those terms, but I was wracked with self doubt back then so the terms will do in retrospect). First there are two videos, the first entitled 'A Puppet Being Spied On', the second, 'Ghost Story.' After those you will find an image documenting an inflatable sculpture called 'Sit Up, Don't Slouch', I made it for Paul Smith's Paris boutique in 2005 I think...