Some Stuff What I Done

Hello there,

Here's some news about to what I've been up to lately.

Richard Cowdry (see Love the Line in the links bar at the bottom of this page) and in have been working on a weekly comic strip. It's called 'Somersault' and the kind people at Forbidden Planet International have seen fit to publish it on their blog every Tuesday.

Here's the link:

For the past few weeks my work has been serialized over at Blurred Books ( by the charming Kevin Mutch (you can see his own nice comics on the same site, as well as a couple of bits by the fabulous Mr O'Connell) I'm really excited about being part of this project, they've had some great work there in the past and it's cool to make my own humble contribution.

This one's a little late in the reporting, but here it is none the less; I have this illustration in the current edition of Electric Sheep Magazine (

I highly recommend this publication to those of you who love films. The thing is lavishly illustrated and full to the brim with intelligent articles.

And finally I had a couple of books for sale at the Tokyo Zine's Mate last month. I couldn't go but having seen the photo's since I really wish I'd just sold a kidney or something to afford the air fair. It looks as though it was really nicely staged and full of interesting work.