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'Out of Nothing' is a Wellcome Trust funded graphic novel currently in production by graphic novelist Daniel Locke, artist David Blandy and best selling author and science communicator Adam Rutherford. The project is supported by Lighthouse, in Brighton.

The book follows four different narratives across time and space to tell the story of creativity, scientific discovery and human knowledge.

The story opens on Mars following a 500 hundred year old man as he nears the end of his long life. He looks back to his home planet, the people he has out-lived and the origins of the scientific discoveries that have allowed him to live for so long. As he ponders the nature of things we learn about the imaging of DNA in 1950's England, and we meet those scientists that led that discovery.

We also visit 1920's Paris and spend time with Picasso and Braque as they revolutionised 20th century art through the idea of collage. And finally we go to DJ Kool Herc's block party in 1970's Bronx to witness the birth of hip-hop.

These four threads combine into a grand over-arching narrative that considers how ideas are generated and the similarities between the practice of art and science.


Biographies of the Authors

David Blandy

David Blandy is an artist who works with the image in the digital world; from the YouTube tutorial and music videos, to television series, anime and the narrative sections of computer games; highlighting our relationship with popular culture and investigating what makes us who we are.  

Recent projects include 'Hercules: Rough Cut' a solo show at Bloomberg Space, London, 'Anjin 1600: Edo Wonderpark',  a Create London' commission in 2013, and 'Crossroads' a solo exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol, which toured to Turner Contemporary, Margate, and 176 Project Space, London and a solo show at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.

Daniel Locke

Daniel Locke is a UK based illustrator. 
His work is featured in the 'Open Day Book' in the USA and 'A Graphic Cosmogony' from Nobrow Press, as well as appearing in many anthologies of contemporary comics.

He is currently working on his first full length graphic novel, 'Going Home', to be published by Nobrow Press

Daniel worked recently with the artist Laura Malacart on another Wellcome Trust and Art Council funded project to produce 'Yes!', a comics biography of a young autistic musician.

Adam Rutherford

Dr Adam Rutherford is a Science writer and broadcaster. On radio, he is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s flagship science programme, Inside Science, as well as many documentaries, on the inheritance of intelligence, on MMR and autism, human evolution,astronomy and art, science and cinema, scientific fraud, and the evolution of sex.

On television, his latest series, The Beauty of Anatomy,was on BBC4 in August 2014, on the role of the human dissection in art. Adam also presented the award-winning Horizon: Playing God (BBC2, Jan 2012);The Gene Code (BBC4, Apr 2011); and the award-winning The Cell (BBC4, Sept 2009).